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I have been designing interior all my life, so I’ve probably changed all styles, colors and vibes. I really wanted this house to be something completely new and unique, and at the same time it gave a sense of warmth and peace that blends in with the surroundings.


Kitchen furniture, island and table in the dining room I designed myself to introduce a bit of a loft character. There are also Indian elements, because the colonial style and furniture from Asia are my eternal love and have always been with me. These elements were fixed from the beginning and were not negotiable. Then came the problem: What about the rest of the house? Then I came up with the idea that I would go to France for the rest of the furniture, because French interiors always perfectly match the rural landscape.

From decision to implementation

A month after the decision, I was already sitting with my friend in the car and we were leaving for France. Our crazy adventure has begun.
Even in Poland it turned out that we have technical problems with the car and before the German border we landed in the workshop. The nice gentleman fixed what was needed and said that we could move on. We fled with freshly renovated car, crazy to the adventure (which of course reflected the number of tickets I received when I returned).



On the German-French border the decision was made: We are going to Provence, because there are the most beautiful furniture! (I could not go any further …)


And so we found ourselves in the most beautiful region of France. Romantic, charming villages and wonderful, open people compensated us for the lack of furniture that we came here for. However, hope and good mood did not leave us. We traveled around a small, village flea market, on which we bought beautiful things. I knew, however, that I would not be able to decorate them with my home …


A crucial moment

In one of the charming little villages, a man accosted us and asked about the purpose of our trip. When I explained to him that we were looking for furniture for my new home, he looked at us surprised and said that after two days, 50 km. The largest antique market in France begins with us. We were speechless … It could not be true … Suddenly, two blondes, with no idea about anything, found themselves in the best place in the best of times. That was it !!!

Antiques market

Two days later, early in the morning, we were already drinking coffee in a climatic town in the south of France, looking at the largest flea market. We only had one day shopping, because the next day we had to return to the country. It was one of the craziest days in my life. In the evening, we already knew half of the sellers and made an appointment for another arrival.
The end result:
We were returning to Poland by car unpacked furniture to the roof, and behind us a big bus loaded with furniture to even higher roof.

Furniture with history

Now I am sure that this trip was a great idea. An adventure that I will never forget. The furniture was enough to furnish almost the whole house. Today, when I look at them, a smile appears on my face, because each of these things has its own story and evokes pleasant memories. I hope that when you come to me, you will feel the good and warm energy of this house.
“Go definitely towards your dreams! Live the life you have imagined. Laws governing the universe will be easier as you simplify your own life.”
Henry David Thoreau

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